Dozens of activists and members of socialist movements rallied outside the White House on Sunday, to protest against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and his upcoming four-day state visit to the US.

Protesters held signs and chanted, as they picketed the building where Bolsonaro is due to stay, just metres away from the White House.

The activists protested against the rise of the global far right and populism, condemning the politics of the newly elected Brazilian president.

“They step forward with the horrible politics of division and demoralisation and they took power. Well, we have news for Bolsonaro, not only are his fascists politics is not okay here in USA but people in Brazil are standing up,” said a journalist who was at the demo.

Bolsonaro and his American counterpart Donald Trump are set to have closed-door meetings and hold talks on defence cooperation, trade, transnational crime and Venezuela.

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