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Rage Motorsport North America:

The ultimate driver’s experience. Meet the Rage Motorsport NA Comet R200T & Hurricane R140T. These are not what you might imagine. These are truly MTV’s (Multi Terrain Vehicle) designed and delivered for predictable high performance precision driving in all disciplines of driving motorsport. From deserts, dunes, and rally off-road racing all the way to high speed 135 MPH wheel to wheel road & track racing capable of street legal status. Originating in Great Britain in 1996, the Rage line of performance buggies have been tested and proven for more than a decade in the European and Global Rally Championships and in desert racing challenges like Dakar. These power packed race ready buggies are truly in a class of their own as they are competitive in so many classes . With simple suspension spring swaps and a wheel/tire set change, a driver can tear up the most demanding rally coarse in the morning with a cup of coffee and after lunch dominate a world class speedway like Virginia International Raceway and wrap up the day with a story to tell your friends – well maybe, your friends were there as there is a copilot seat. They probably have their version of the story and it’s surly an adventure. The R200T powered with the Kawasaki ZX1400R engine turns out 200 BHP with double digit RPM’s and 6 speed manual sequential transmission. The R140T is powered by the reliable and proven 140 HP Yamaha Nitro 1049CC engine and is driven by a CVT dialed with a knock out punch. For most drivers, these cars have way more capability to perform than a driver has the ability to drive…driver beware, you will be inspired to develop your skills to fully appreciate these masterpieces of design, engineering, and craftsmanship. Contact Rage Motorsport NA to plan your ultimate driver’s experience.

P.S. These are the nicest guys on the track!

Thank you again and again!

Special thank you to VIR for your open doors and warm welcome. You have an outstanding operation worthy of return visits.

-Brain Moon
Brainerd MN – USA

Rage Motorsport NA – North America

Virginia International Raceway

Rage Motorsprot Ltd – Great Britain




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