Compresses Medicines To Deliver Directly in Lungs For Effective Treatment

Efficient Compression Technique
The Dr Trust Compressor Nebulizer functions excellently. It comes with a powerful compressor for converting medicines into fine particles size of less than 5.0µm for better treatment. The compressed runs through medicines at very high speed to convert them into aerosol form for delivery directly into the lungs.

Multi Medications, Minimal Wastage
You can use more than one medication at the same time because this nebulizer allows the inhalation of multiple medications with minimal wastage. Its medication chamber capacity is 8ml and you can mix more than one medicine for effective treatment. Flow Adjuster gives you the freedom to set the flow of mist.

Effective Therapy
It delivers the medicine at a rate of ≥ 0.25 milliliter/min (0.9 % saline water) per minute in the form of mist. This is ideal range, especially during severe respiratory treatments. It helps the patients suffering from breathing disorders and respiratory issues including Asthma, Tracheitis, and many other infections.

Portable & Handy
It is a better choice if you want to carry it with you while traveling. We have kept its design compact (185x169x107 mm) and lightweight (1.4 kg) for better usability. While its built-in carry handle allows a quick and easy hold for use on the go.

Safe & Easy for All
With single-button operation anyone of any age including young children and kids, all can use it safely. It comes with all necessary accessories including mouthpiece, child & adult masks separately in the kit for convenient and safe use. It is the best choice for families with multi members of different ages.

Low Noise Level
It does not discomfort when used to nebulize a sleeping kid or elderly patient in the night. When converting medicines into a cool mist for inhalation, it produces sound below 65 dB (1 meter away) and this range does not disturb anyone when sleeping.

A Durable Machine
It is sturdy and long-lasting as made up of strong ABS plastic which is latex-free and completely safe for all. Keep it on the floor or any other smooth surface to start administering the medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Dr Trust – Trusted by Doctors, made for everyone

Dr Trust team is driven by the passion for innovation and it is our endeavor to promote wellness and good health through our latest medical inventions. Our product range comprises medical devices and health monitors etc, which are backed by pioneering technology. Doctors, health professionals and home users alike, trust them.

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