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*Pluto’s liquid ocean
Astronomers say there’s growing evidence that Pluto and other large Kuiper belt objects started out with liquid oceans which have slowly frozen over.

*NASA looking at a mission to Neptune
NASA is considering a mission to study the distant world of Triton — one of the moons of the planet Neptune.

*New study says there could be dozens of intelligent alien civilizations out there – or maybe not
It’s one of the ultimate questions — Is there anyone out there – or are we alone in the universe? New guesstimates suggest there could be around three dozen intelligent alien civilizations spread around the Milky Way galaxy.

*The Science Report
One out of every eight animal and plant species heading for extinction.
Differences in brainstem might explain variations in attention in people with autism.
The first dinosaurs to walk the planet probably laid soft-shelled eggs.
A new study claims older planets have a better chance of supporting life.
COVID-19 conspiracy theories reach overdrive.

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