The new Range Rover Evoque comes equipped with the kind of cutting-edge technology you would expect from the vaunted Land Rover name.

At the heart of the beautiful interior, lies our dual screen Touch Pro Duo system. This intuitive interface can be controlled either by touch or voice activation and the hidden-until-lit capacitive steering wheel switches put key functions right at your fingertips.

The 12.3-inch high resolution interactive driver display puts key information right where you need it.

The full-color head-up display (HUD) projects a wealth of additional information onto the windshield.

The cabin air ionization system ionizing particles to attract them to surfaces, helping to cleanse the air inside the vehicle.

With the smartphone pack, you can access your favorite apps from your phone via voice control or the touch screen.

The 4G Wi-Fi hot spot will support up to eight mobile devices, providing the connectivity to help keep everyone entertained.

The remote app allows you to communicate with your vehicle via your smartphone from wherever you are, from setting the interior climate to locating your last parked location or even locking or unlocking the car.

The Smart Settings feature recognizes you through a combination of phone or key as you approach the vehicle, automatically configuring the seat and steering wheel to your preset personal preferences. It also learns your habits, prompting your media choice and regular phone calls.

The innovative Clearsight Ground View system uses an array of strategically placed cameras to build a view beneath the car, effectively letting you see through the hood. This ingenious technology allows you to see more than your direct line of sight, helping you navigate obstacles that might be thrown your way.

The new Range Rover Evoque is discreetly equipped with a rear camera along with front and rear parking aid as standard, which are dedicated to seeing and understanding the space around the vehicle. This has many benefits, one of which is perfect parking every time.

With online media, the extensive music catalogs of online providers can be streamed directly to the vehicle without the need for a smartphone.

The optional Meridian Surround System has 15 perfectly placed speakers, delivering the kind of rich and luxurious sound you would expect from a Range Rover.

The Clearsight Rearview mirror is another example of innovative technology from Land Rover. The system uses a discreetly placed camera within the roof antenna, which generates an image that is shown via an HD display within the multifunctional rearview mirror, ensuring you have a clear line of sight even when the rear space is fully loaded.

Once the sun sets, the interior comes to life with atmospheric, configurable ambient lighting. With a selection of colors and brightness, your choice of mood is completely up to you.

The matrix LED headlights are not just striking to look at. The adaptive driving beam illuminates the road ahead with impressive range. The system also optimizes high beam use, blocking segments of the beam to avoid dazzling any vehicles ahead without needing to dip the beam and lose light.

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