MakerBot Unveils Desktop Scanner Prototype for Amateur 3-D Printing
MakerBot, the company which specializes in selling 3-D printing hardware to individuals and smaller companies, unveiled a small, desktop-sized 3-D scanner prototype at the South By Southwest conference on Friday. MakerBot founder Bre Pettis said the device uses a series of cameras and lasers to scan an object, and then creates a digital file that can be read and used to fabricate a 3-D printed object on one of MakerBot’s Replicator printers. The company aims to launch the product by the end of the year. Inexpensive 3-D scanning was also a major focus at Microsoft’s recent TechFest.

T-Mobile USA to start BlackBerry Z10 business sales March 11
NEW YORK (Reuters) – T-Mobile USA, the fourth biggest U.S. mobile service provider, said on Friday that it would start selling the highly anticipated and much delayed BlackBerry Z10 touchscreen smartphone to its business customers on March 11.

Facebook Phone Rumors Swirling With HTC Myst Specs
New details indicate HTC and AT&T are building second Facebook phone. [Read more]

Johnson & Johnson Must Pay in First Hip-Implant Case
A Los Angeles jury ordered the company to pay $8.3 million in damages but said it did not act with fraud or malice in its marketing of the device.



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