The LC-3 Digital Wideband O2 Controller takes the LC- product series to the next level with CAN-bus connectivity, faster response, and increased accuracy. 

Innovate Motorsports created the world’s most popular stand-alone digital oxygen sensor controller with the ground-breaking LC-1, then improved upon the original design with the LC-2, adding more features and greater accuracy while making the technology even more accessible. Today, Innovate’s new LC-3 takes that legacy to the next level, incorporating CAN-bus communication for even greater compatibility with industry-standard data acquisition devices and providing even faster performance.


  • Patented 100% digital wideband Air/Fuel ratio technology with advanced sensor control
  • CAN-bus Communication
  • 2 – Configurable linear 0-5v analog outputs
  • Integrated dual-color status LED (Green/Red)
  • Optional sensor cable lengths available: 3ft, 8ft (Included), and 18ft
  • Bosch™ LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor

The LC-3’s advantage begins with the advanced Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband O2 Sensor, which when combined with the LC-3’s higher sensor frequency produces faster air/fuel ratio feedback. Enhanced heater control also offers superior performance in forced induction and racing applications. Easy free-air calibration and compatibility with multiple fuel types provides accurate readings from day one.

The original LC-1 set a standard of performance that paved the way for future generations of LC-controllers. The LC-3 expands upon that design with even quicker and more accurate sensor reading and control.

Innovate’s patented, award-winning DirectDigital signal processing delivers 100% digital accuracy and advanced sensor control. An onboard LED verifies the LC-3’s operation at a glance, and it’s easy to daisy-chain multiple LC-3 controllers and oxygen sensors for affordable individual cylinder air/fuel ratio monitoring.


  • FASTER Sensor Frequency for faster O2 sensor feedback
  • FASTER Analog Output Speed helps ensure that your ECU sees changes in air/fuel ratio as they happen
  • ENHANCED Heater Control for superior sensor performance in forced induction and other high performance applications
  • Ability to calibrate O2 sensor for maximum accuracy
  • Wideband O2 Compatible with several fuel types
  • Innovate MTS serial in/out (for use with MTS enabled devices to add additional logging channels)
  • Datalog using powerful LogWorks software on your PC

LC-3 users benefit from CAN-bus communication, plus Innovate’s own MTS serial input/output that allows multiple MTS-enabled devices to be connected into an array of sensors, gauges, and datalog recorders simply and easily. Two user-configurable linear 0-5 Volt outputs give compatibility with both industry-standard engine control and datalogging solutions as well as the ability to create custom interfaces with a few keystrokes via the included LM Programmer software.

There’s never been a wideband Lambda controller as fast, flexible, intuitive, and cost-effective as Innovate Motorsports’ new LC-3. It’s the latest evolution in wideband oxygen sensor control.


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